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Teeth Whitening Treatment


Signature Smile Studio is proud to provide a wide range of dental services to help you achieve the smile you’re dreaming of, from teeth whitening in Melbourne through to cosmetic crowns and veneers. Whether you need braces or composite veneers, our professional and passionate team are experienced in delivering effective results. We also offer advanced teeth whitening in Melbourne to assist in fulfilling your dental needs.


Whatever your reason for wanting whiter teeth, whether it’s to rectify past decay or simply so you can feel better about your teeth, Signature Smile Studio can offer you a wide range of teeth whitening solutions and treatments. Our laser teeth whitening in Melbourne is particularly popular for those wanting a whiter and brighter smile.

Our teeth whitening solutions offer a safe way to brighten your smile and encourage you to feel better about your teeth. An extremely popular dental procedure with quick and effective results, our laser teeth whitening is ideal for eliminating discolouration and boosting confidence.


After undergoing professional teeth whitening, our teeth whitening dentist will provide you with a list of foods and drinks to avoid in order to prevent staining your teeth. This list will include:

  • Coffee – Black coffee is more likely to stain teeth, so it’s recommended that you lighten your coffee with milk.
  • Red wine – While white wine won’t stain your teeth, caution should be taken with red wine. If you must still drink red wine, we recommend rinsing your mouth with water afterwards.
  • Black tea – As a result of its high tannin content, black tea can stain the teeth. We recommend drinking lighter varieties such as green tea, white tea and herbal tea.
  • Soft drinks – In addition to being a leading cause of tooth decay, soft drinks also contain strong artificial colours that can stain the teeth.
  • Soy sauce – Our teeth whitening dentist recommends using soy sauce sparingly to reduce the staining effect it can have on teeth.
  • Blueberries – While they possess many health benefits, blueberries can unfortunately lead to stained teeth. Our dentists recommend rinsing your mouth with water immediately after eating.


For more information about our professional teeth whitening solutions, or to book in for a consultation for teeth whitening in Melbourne, contact us today. Call our clinic on (03) 9783 2747 to get started on your dental whitening journey with a dentist Frankston locals can trust for excellent results.

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