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Root Canal Treatment


If you’re looking for a root canal dentist who is reliable, trustworthy and experienced, look no further than Signature Smile Studio. When it comes to root canal services, including treatment and retreatment, we’re a root canal dentist Frankston residents can rely on to achieve the best results and make you feel completely at ease during the procedure.

There are a few reasons why a root canal treatment may be necessary, some of which include:

  • Dead or dying nerves due to dental decay or trauma
  • Sensitivity that results in significant difficulty eating and drinking
  • Restorative or cosmetic dentistry to fix the shape of a tooth, whether to eliminate decay or improve the appearance of the tooth
  • A painful abscess that’s preventing you from eating, usually as a result of gum disease


A root canal involves the removal of all nerves and blood vessels in a tooth. Before treatment begins, the patient receives a local anaesthetic to ensure the treatment causes no pain. The dentist then exposes the pulp cavity, where the nerves and blood vessels can be accessed in order to remove them. The empty space is then filled with a special material. After receiving root canal treatment, it’s common for a tooth to require a crown in order to maintain its strength.


When you need root canal services, get in touch with Signature Smile Studio. Our root canal dentist is highly trained and experienced in performing root canal treatment, so you can feel completely confident in our services. Call us today on (03) 9783 2747 to make an appointment.

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